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Home Groups

Why Homegroups?

“Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favour of all the people.” Acts 2: 46-47
Christians have always met together, from the earliest beginnings of the church members of the community of faith have gathered in both small and large groups. 
Church on Sunday morning is one place that we meet but it can be busy and it is not always easy to build closer connections in this setting.
At St John’s our Homegroups are places where you can make and develop deeper relationships, study God’s word and find support and friendship. 
Homegroup is a more informal setting where we can grow in our knowledge and understanding of God’s word and where our personal faith is developed as we journey together with other disciples.

What do Homegroups study?

Our Homegroup programme follows school termtimes and the study material is arranged to suit this pattern. Through Homegroups we seek to develop in the following ways:
Homegroup triangle                              
To facilitate this, our study material will have a different focus each term.
One term will focus on studies to develop and stretch our personal devotional lives encouraging us in our ‘upward’ relationship with God. 
A second term will use study material that will help us to use our gifts and abilities to serve God and each other in the church, our ‘inward’ relationship. 
The third term will focus on studies which develop our ‘outward’ relationship, looking at ways we can connect with those who don’t yet know Jesus and helping us become more ‘missional’ in our day to day lives.

What else happens at Homegroup?

Obviously Bible study is one of the main features of Homegroup, as is prayer. Most of the groups share the leading of the studies so that anyone who would like to can have the opportunity to lead a study.
All our groups have a very individual ‘flavour’, so there is bound to be one to suit your taste. Each group decides themselves what extra-curricular activities they want to do. Recent activities by various groups include:
Sharing food (popular in all groups!)
Going out for Brunch
Weekend away together
An evening sail on the Canal
Bangers & Bangers (around 5th Nov!!)
Visit to Scottish Museum
Pot-luck suppers (more food)
Games evening
Decorating help
Visit to Scottish Parliament
The list is endless, limited only by what each Homegroup chooses to do!

When do Homegroups meet?

Homegroups meet on weekday evenings for study and prayer and at various other times for social and other activities. 
We generally follow school term dates with breaks during the holiday periods but many groups still meet infrequently during the holidays for social get-togethers. Homegroups meet at the following times so choose which suits you best:
Mondays 8.00pm

Tuesdays 8.00pm
Wednesdays 8.00pm
Thursdays 7.30pm
Thursdays 8.00pm

Who goes to Homegroups?

Our Homegroups try to cater for all tastes, some have mostly couples with young families, some have more mature members, others are a mixture of age groups, some have a number of single folk others are mostly couples. 
If you are not part of a Homegroup yet why not try one? Visit as many groups as you need to until you find the one that suits you. St John’s also has a variety of other small groups such as Women@StJohns; Men@StJohns; Mothers and Others and a Community Prayer Group.
Contact the church office for further information.


We currently have 8 Homegroups which meet in various parts of the town and surrounding areas; Linlithgow, Linlithgow Bridge, Bo’ness and Polmont.


If you have any questions about Home Groups or would like to know more please contact Linda McDonald at