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Women @ St Johns

women @ st johns organises five to six events per year, approximately bi-monthly, which women of all ages can attend for fun, friendship, fellowship and spiritual growth.

A key objective is to provide a place for women who may not be able to participate in one of the other regular groups within the church to spend time with others, and we find that as the mix of women changes at each event, this allows us to establish and build relationships with a larger group of women within and indeed out with the church as we welcome friends who are not a part of St John’s.

Our events are diverse ranging from a day at The Fringe, walking a labyrinth, attending a painting café or a quiz night, to an overnight retreat.

If you wish to know more about women @ st johns
then please speak to Lois Steedman, Alice Buckley or Christina Duncan.

Christina Duncan, 12/04/2011