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Micro Adventures 

Micro Adventures are an opportunity to get to know each other and getting to know God through spending time together in God’s creation.  

What do we mean by micro adventures?

We are aware that some people have busy lives, so we are organising adventures that don't take much time. Anything from 1 hour to a maximum of 24 hours.

The micro adventures we plan will be as accessible as we can make them for as many people as possible. Just because you are in a wheelchair or you have bad arthritis, that doesn't mean you need to stop having adventures. Some adventures will be free, some will be expensive, and the rest somewhere in between.

Shona Lawson and Douglas Briton will be taking on the role of coordinating these adventures and to inspire you! They will come up with a programme of events that you can come to - and you can invite your friends, too. If you have ideas of any micro adventures you would like the church to do, then let either of us know.

We need to emphasise, Shona and Douglas are coordinators - they are the social secretaries for adventure, they are not supervisors, they are not instructors.

If you come on an adventure, you are saying that you have the skills and equipment to do that adventure safely. If you come along, you are also saying that you are willing to help other people that might need help, and that you are happy to share your ideas and experiences with your fellow adventurers.

For example, if a cycling trip is organised, we are not expecting that the church will supply bikes, nor will the church teach people how to ride a bike safely. The church will not marshall the cyclists. Only come on a cycling trip if you can ride a bike, and you have a bike to ride. Of course, people are perfectly free to lend bikes to each other.

For those of you with children, we are planning micro adventures to let you do something with your children. If you bring your children then you are making the commitment to supervise them. This is not like Holiday Club where you drop the children off and leave. We will be going places and doing things that might be hazardous. You must take responsibility for the safety of your own children.

To give you a better idea of what we mean by micro adventures, here are some of the things we did in 2016:

  • Cycled round the island of Great Cumbrae.
  • Get the West Highland Line to Corrour Station. This is a beautiful train journey to the only station in the UK that is not accessible by public road. Once there, you can climb Munros, you can walk round Loch Ossian, or you can have tea and cake in the tea room and watch the world go by. Then get the train back home the same day. If you can get on a train you can come on this adventure.
  • Get a small boat to the Isle of May to see the puffins - a personal favourite of Douglas (and Hazel)

For more info get in touch with Shona or Douglas