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It’s 18 months since we began to talk about the vision that we believed that God was giving us.  A vision to see worshipping communities established in every neighbourhood where folks from St John’s live.  A vision to equip every member of St John’s to play your part in bringing the presence of Jesus to your community. We have now released our vision document.  This is not meant to be the final answer, nor is it a straight jacket, but it does give us a direction of travel.  Providing us with a framework not just to take the Good News to our communities, but to be Good News.  Its an invitation for you to get involved and for you to help us shape the future. 

Keith Short

Vision Document May 17

We will be updating this page each month with the latest information and news.

Update for June

Polmont home group and local friends are having a joint service with Polmont Old at 5.00pm on Sunday 4 June to kick off our programme of praying for and outreach into that community.  Anyone who wants to join us in fellowship with our brothers and sisters as we develop this work will be very welcome.  This will be a small informal service with emphasis on fellowship and vision sharing afterwards.  If you cannot come then please pray for us as we move this work forward. Speak to Alan Staff for more details.

We're assisting a team of volunteers in Bathgate running a youth club called Outsiders. We're also supporting a Home Church initiative in that community. 

The Home Group in Bo'ness is seeing new people added to the group. It's taking on a more missional focus - prayer walks around the community are happening weekly, they are exploring ways in which they can engage more with the local community and members from the group are already supporting a soup kitchen for the homeless, the Store House and Healing Rooms.

We are in early stage discussions with Central in Edinburgh to establish a link in this community. 

Alpha is going well and the day away is planned for Saturday 10th June 2017

It does what it says on the tin! A group of men who regularly get together on the 1st, 3rd (and possibly 5th) Friday of every month to have breakfast, pray together and build things! There is a great mix of new and old members of St John's, members of other churches as well as those that don't attend any church.

Toddlers continues to grow with over 30 children each week plus adults. There is a need for people to come and befriend those who are coming, or even to be on the tea and coffee rota.

Last month over 55 attended, many of whom don't attend St John's or any other church. 

These activities continue to reach increasing numbers of unchurched young people.

For more information about any of the above please have a chat with one of the leaders.