Alltnacriche Scripture Union – June 2018 Update

Alltnacriche Scripture Union – June 2018 Update

Paul Bayton gives us an update on Scripture Union up at Aviemore

Hi folks.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  After a very long winter, which ended in late April we have been very blessed with a number of very warm and pleasant weeks at Alltnacriche, which has really helped the school term go well.

Over Easter, we hosted two SU Holiday events. The second SU event was a smaller group, however it was significant in terms of spiritual fruit, and young people coming to faith.  We need to continue to pray for those who make decisions to follow Jesus, where we know that the home environment will be hostile to that.

Just before Easter, Alan Myles our Schools co-ordinator was involved in a road bike accident while on holiday, which left him with a broken wrist and severe concussions.  Alan returned to work some six weeks later, and we give God thanks that the accident was not more serious and that he has made a good recovery.  Anna Finnie (our trainee instructor) suffered a broken collarbone in early June while training at Glenlivet.  Please pray for an equally swift recovery for her.

In what can only be described as God’s providence, Nat and Danielle Worsely were able to join the team on short notice, for the summer term and various members of the team have all adjusted what they are doing to continue to deliver to our guests… and there have been a lot of them.  Since the beginning of the year over 600 pupils have been with us on their school residential.  Give God thanks for the many opportunities this has presented.

We have been unsuccessful in appointing a cook.  We have been working with agency chefs to ensure our kitchen function continues and the groups have certainly enjoyed the food.  It would make a massive difference to the team to have someone in that role in the long term, so we would value your prayer – and if you know a Christian Chef who is looking for a new challenge, please put them in touch. This term has seen increasing involvement of volunteers and we have really valued their help in maintaining the centre

Paul is now leading on the set up of Gowanbank for the summer.  He is regularly there Monday and Tuesday each week and as the opening gets closer will be spending more time there until handing over to the new centre managers in August.  Please pray for Dave Moss as he looks after the operational needs of Alltnacriche, supported by his team, and for Paul as he seeks to support him.

Next week LeadUP starts the summer season followed by eight SU Holidays at Alltnacriche over the following 7 weeks.  In addition to supporting events here, our team are involved in leading RS1 (canoe adventure camp), LM2a (football camp), AV6 (specialist activity holiday based here), GS3 (Glenshee), and three staff are involved in Missions.

Please pray for fruitful events and for rest when holidays come.  At the end of the summer, we have no “spare” time, as we are straight back into leading school residentials.

Please pray for:

  • That we would be people of integrity, living out the Christian faith in a way that commends it to all who come here
  • A quick recovery for Anna Finnie, our Trainee Instructor who broke her collar bone.
  • The successful recruitment of a cook, who will integrate well and quickly contribute to the practical and spiritual life of the team.
  • The safety and wellbeing of every child and young person who comes to Alltnacriche.
  • The whole team at Alltnacriche and the families that they represent. The centre would not function without the wid- er support that these families give those on the staff team. Pray for their protection.
  • Confidence for our team as they share their faith appropriately with young people—putting training into practise!
  • We have a number of vacant weekends and are keen to have the centre used. Fancy a weekend away?
Paul on behalf of the team at Alltnacriche

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On a more personal note ...

With Paul being away quite a bit more, and Shula working extra hours to ensure that new staff are trained etc there has definitely been an extra pressure on family life over the last few months which is not sustainable.  Finlay has already started to the transition process into secondary school and we want to ensure that we are able more available to support him and Morven, so are reflecting on what that may mean for us as a family.  Once Gowanbank is delivered and handed over to the centre managers, Paul is looking forward to being able to spend more time at Alltnacriche and playing a fuller part in family life and there will be some re-adjustment.

For now, Shula is very focussed on the canoe camp and is excited about what God will do there.  Morven and Finlay are both going to camp this summer – Morven to Gowanbank and Finlay to Kingscross and our prayer is that their faith will be deepened.  We hope to be able to take some family time together, but with the delivery of Gowanbank the agreed priority for us just now (note where Morven is going to camp…) it may be very late in the summer that we get away.  We would really value your prayers that we are sustained as a family over this period.

Outwith SU, there is a lot going on with church, community and family life.  Morven has been selected to attend the world scout jamboree in USA in July 2019 so is doing a lot of work to raise the funds for that which we are all involved in.  We are really settled in our home in Kincraig where we moved a year ago.  There is a sense of God’s timing in that provision, and we are grateful for it.

Blessings – Paul, Shula, Morven and Finlay