Arbroath Youth Weekend 2018

Arbroath Youth Weekend 2018

This year at the youth weekend away our theme was ‘Monk Life’.  Throughout the weekend we lived and worked in community with one another.  We had a fantastic group of 23 young people and 13 leaders.  Each day we had a main ‘sesh’ with worship and a short talk.  Throughout the weekend we had seminars around prayer, workshops, messy olympics and a bungee run!

During each meeting and the prayer times afterwards we saw God move in incredible ways in the lives of the young people and saw them get alongisde each other and support one another.  We also gave the young people opportunities to sign up for prayer slots.  This was a really brave thing for them to do and all the leaders involved were impressed by the openness and honesty of those they met with.

During the workshops everyone worked together to produce a table, decorations and food – all to be used in the last meal on the Sunday.  Under the careful guidance of Brother Roddy, we created a 12m long table using pallets, power tools and a very thorough risk assessment!  Sister Anna helped us produce an incredible table runner and Brothers Cammy and Kieran guided us through making bread as well as home baking for supper time. The sense of achievement of the young people sitting around that table on the last day was brilliant. 

After Arbroath, we ran a debrief session with the young people, to hear the good and the bad from their perspective…

  • “Bekah’s worship was great and the sessions were awesome x100”
  • “The seminars were lit”
  • “Roddy’s the man!”
  • “It’s not long enough, make it a week in Arbroath!”
  • “Kieran gave Katherine and Andy two square sausage and only gave me one!”

The biggest complaints were being on duty team and room mates snoring!

Mike O, one of our wonderful minibus drivers, had this to say… “the minibus driver was ace!”

Thank you to everyone who was praying for us throughout the weekend and especially to our wonderful leaders who gave up their weekend to be with us!