Bo’ness Storehouse

Bo’ness Storehouse

Mike Munro writes

Bo’ness Storehouse Foodbank has now been operating since Sept. 2012, made up of volunteers from different churches in the town and beyond.

We have been operating from an industrial unit in the town, leased from Falkirk Council, and enjoy rent and rates relief for the work we do. Over the years our Unit has been improved by the addition of all-round shelving and the acquisition of fridges and freezers, all achieved by help from the local community.

At start-up we came under the governance of St Andrews Church, as they kindly allowed us to use their charity number in order to obtain a lease for the building, and in 2015 we acquired charitable status and became an organisation in our own right. Support has been received from all the churches and schools in Bo’ness from the start.

We provide food for people in need on a weekly basis, and help between 15-20 different households each week, making a commitment to each new client to provide a foodpack each week for up to six weeks.

Over the last 2 years we have also been able to start helping other groups in the town, who provide similar help in feeding, such as breakfast clubs, care groups, nursery groups, with food we have received which is in excess of our own needs. We have a desire not to waste any food received, instead looking to help others.

This year we have been able to assist the Braes Storehouse Foodbank and Grangemouth Storehouse in setting up and getting started, and only last week made a connection with the Foodbank run by the Vineyard Church in Camelon, to help where we can.

We started off with receiving the words of Deut. 28:12, and God has kept His promise to bless the work of our hands, in more ways than we ever imagined.

All the glory belongs to Him.