Church @theBarony           David Todd

It was Christmas 2015, I was in the Hippodrome in Bo’ness with a friend and he looked at the ceiling in that beautiful Artdeco building, at the night sky painted on it and as it reminded him of similar ceilings in church buildings he turned to me and said “if you’re not doing church in here in the next year, there’s something wrong”. I knew that there would come a time when we would indeed be doing church in Bo’ness, but I also knew it wasn’t going to be there.

God has brought together an amazing team of people, prayerful, thoughtful, Godly men and women who have sought God together and in unity developed a vision and desire to reach people in Bo’ness for Jesus.

Over the past few years we’ve run Alpha with other churches and leaders in the town, we’ve started a connect group, we’ve run Alpha on our own in The Barony Theatre and when that finished just before Easter this year we decided to continue meeting together, worshipping together and opening scripture together.

We’ve grown steadily since April and we felt that the time was right for us to move from the small cafe room into the main theatre so last Sunday evening we launched church @theBarony. It was an amazing and exciting night and we are so grateful to those who came over from Linlithgow, from Bathgate, from Polmont and joined our regular worshippers to support our launch. It was wonderful to hear sixty people praising God in the theatre and to join together. We appreciated the love!

This is not independent of St John’s, this is an expression of St John’s, a missional community. It’s distinct, it’s got to be, if only because it’s in a different venue in a different town, but church @theBarony is a part of St John’s, we share vision, resources, values, staff, leadership. This is your church plant as much as it’s anybody’s, it’s ours.

Our vision is bless the town, to encourage the existing churches and Christians in Bo’ness, to draw people back into fellowship and to tell those who don’t yet know Jesus about him. We’re going to continue growing and reaching people and we’re excited about what we believe God is going to do. We’re excited about the partnerships with other churches in the town and we’re looking forward to seeing what impact Christian unity, empowered by the Holy Spirit can do!

There will be some joint things with St John’s Linlithgow coming up, we’ll tell you about them when we organise them, but meanwhile, if you’d like to see for yourself what we’re doing, you are most welcome to come and visit. We meet at 5pm every Sunday at the Barony Theatre, Borrowstoun Rd (first right if you’ve come over the flints from Linlithgow, towards the Recreation Centre)

Thank you for your prayers, for your support and for your friendship.