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Church @ the Barony Blog

From Karen Gallie

I never expected 2020 to turn out the way it has over the last few months for me. I was up in Skye visiting my sister for her 30th Birthday with some of the family when it was first announced we were going into lock-down. I found this a hard thought as I am a very sociable person and because I have Developmental Dyspraxia and anxiety. The reason this was and is hard for me, is when someone has dyspraxia a change of routine and change of any sort can cause lots of stress.

I then got used to lock-down and going out on walks with my Mum and Dad and runs with my Auntie and dad sometimes too. Then something I couldn’t have imagined happened…. my best friend Naomi died. This was a very strange experience during lock-down. I attended Naomi’s ‘lock-down’ funeral with some other church friends and Naomi’s family. This was a very surreal experience, although I was very pleased that the family invited me.

We have also, as a family, been very careful as effectively all of us in the household are ‘shielding’ as my Mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer just before lock-down. Thankfully she got her surgery done over the lock-down period of time and is now successfully undergoing preventative chemotherapy.

God’s new thing for me is that I am learning to be patient during this difficult time and I have found my own ways through this. Things such as church, drama group, Dyspraxia support group and Fair Start Scotland zooms, and the couple of garden visits I have had so far from Lorraine after Naomi’s death were lovely too. It has been great to still be part of Ignite over the last year and few months too and to build up friendships there.

I see too that God has a plan for me and I can quite honestly say without the support of the church and church family and my own family along with other support networks, I don’t think I would have got through those last few months especially when Naomi died.  Naomi will always be in my heart and I strongly believe Naomi and my Gran are up in heaven having tea and cakes together!