Church @ the Barony Blog

Church @ the Barony Blog

As someone who could never be accused of being overly sociable and outgoing, the thought of a period of forced isolation did not worry me too much. I am quite comfortable being by myself and very happy to only talk to the people I am closest to. So, it came as a bit of a surprise as to how anxious and overwhelmed this situation we find ourselves in was making me feel. We are being bombarded with information, some of it fact but also some of it fearful speculation. Our lives are having to change dramatically, and no one knows yet for how long. We are having to contend with being severely restricted, not getting everything we might usually get at the shops, working from home, home schooling, hairdressers appointments being cancelled! Who knows how long my hair will be by the time the salon is open again! Everything feels uncertain

I think everyone will find different things challenging and I think we will learn a lot about ourselves in the process. Some people will embrace the changes and challenges and others will need time to adjust. We need to be kind, to ourselves and to other people. Two weeks of trying to persuade a somewhat reluctant teenager that doing some schoolwork was a good idea was tiring and a little stressful but after the Easter holidays we will try again and not be too hard on ourselves. I will be thankful for friends and family and try to support and help them and do my best to accept help and support if I need it too. Most importantly, as the number of people affected by coronavirus continues to rise, I will remember that God loves us, that He is our refuge and strength and that we can absolutely rely on Him.

The words of this song from Bethel Music have really helped me over the past few weeks.

God, I look to you, I won’t be overwhelmed
Give me vision to see thing like You do
God, I look to you, You’re where my help comes from
Give me wisdom, You know just what to do
And I will love You, Lord, my strength
I will love You, Lord, my shield
I will love You, Lord, my rock
Forever, all my days I will love You, God