Church @ the Barony Blog

Church @ the Barony Blog

Written by Richard Lally

When the calendar was about to turn over to 2020, myself, my wife Melissa and more Lallys sourced a radio for listening to the bells. It was my idea as we have no TV subscription and we all did well pretending to enjoy the novelty of listening on the radio like it was the 1940s! Things being as they are now, I was struck once again with this sense of time-warp as there was a solitary glow in the living room from the only lamp on, and in the next room I could hear Mel working on her Singer sewing machine. It was just a bit more ‘real’ this time, like it was blackout and looking out the window into the night I half expected to hear overhead a bomber formation looming… After all, ‘we are at war’.

Why has it taken over 100 years of broadcast and published news to catch up with this fact? If we’re honest with ourselves for a moment, life was never perfect before and can’t be perfect ever in this age. We know that but we see ourselves facing up to the threat of death like never before in history: never before have countries around the world responded in unison to this shared threat.

For what this threat is, the imminent fear of death has changed our lives for the worse. God has been faithful to us and I’m probably more mindful of that than ever. In other countries like India millions are made unemployed and going hungry and rioting: in the West, some companies like Amazon are actually getting more of a boost and are recruiting thousands. While I’m not afraid of Covid-19 I am kept up at night by other things. I am worried for the country and for the world because I am uncertain what shape the world will take as big gets bigger and independent businesses get swallowed up by bigger. Life won’t ever be what it was.

On the rare occasion I’m not only thinking about my own welfare, I can concern myself about the negative psychological impact on so many: dependance on alcohol, substances or just a need for someone else’s company besides their own. It is no surprise to see lockdown not having the positive impact promised. In truth, God’s got this, has overcome the world and has it all in His hands. We do well not to let that slip from the front of our thinking, yet many do not know this.

The malady itself is one deeper than even we are tempted to suppose, naturalistically. There are indeed enemies out there, and if we give them a foothold in our lives and empower them with fear, that is not good for anyone. My appreciation goes to those posting flyers offering assistance to those in need of it, right now this is about as close to offering the cure it is legally possible to get. Your applause (praise) is of God, not at 8 and that will have to do. Perfect love, as demonstrated by Christ Jesus, casts out all fear. A person free from fear is free indeed. We’re learning a supranational lesson in this regard now and should not settle for any imitations.

As I like to get into things, the past few weeks haven’t changed much for me, being mostly stay-at-home and full-time disabled. Still waiting on my PIP award, Mel’s still waiting on me seeing to the PIP award. By coincidence I get distracted and discover zany dreams, or just more dreams than you would have normally, could be a sign of suffering from isolation, even so-called ‘Cabin Fever’, so that could explain me getting a few more than I’m used to… I think I need another hobby… In any case it’s good to see more people exercising more rigorously than before. Mel’s doing more running, too, which makes me extra proud of her.

Although we’re almost always indoors with our recently adopted cat, she’s a laugh a minute, adorable and helping the time go. I’m not naturally an animal person but I’m getting on better with her each day. She trusts me more! Mel’s set up an Instagram for her but I’ve yet to check it out. We have been blessed with a garden and the bees and butterflies are absolutely loving the lockdown. When I do go out, though, and this absolutely does NOT come naturally to me, I try to ‘smile’ at people, make ‘eye contact’, say ‘hello’… How creepy I must look but I get a strong sense that’s exactly what the world needs today, and we can all do it. It ain’t easy but I hope I get more into it, with effort and ‘nice thoughts’ and an ability to say why I’m not scared. Even if I am, a little bit.