The Open Table

The Open Table

The Open Table is a 6 week course with an opportunity to share and discuss matters of faith, belief and life. It will be safe and real, genuinely an open table, where anything can be brought up, questions asked, opinions expressed and life and faith brought together.

It’s about how this stuff works in real life.

Invite friends, people you know who’ve been asking questions and seeking answers, bring them along. Or come yourself, maybe you’re seeking a way to integrate your worship on a Sunday with your life through the week. Real people, real stories, real life, real faith.

Come along and share at The Open Table.

We’ll start with a decent cup of coffee and a cake, watch a short film and chat. There’s a book of daily readings and thoughts to get you started and then it’s up to you to ask and talk, amongst friends, safe and open, honest and confidential.