Connect Groups

Connect Groups

Connect Groups are places where we make and develop deeper relationships, study God’s word and find support and friendship.  They are informal settings where we can grow in our knowledge and understanding of God’s word and where our personal faith is developed as we journey together with other disciples.  The groups develop our personal lives encouraging us in our relationship with God, examining ways we can connect with those who don’t yet know Jesus.  Group members can take the opportunity to lead individual sessions.

Apart from prayer and study, groups arrange their own social outings such as canal barge trips, picnics and weekends away.

Connect Groups operate across various locations within West Lothian, mostly during evenings, so there will be a group that suits you if you’re interested in joining.

Contact us to see which group is right for you.

Connect Groups

Avontoun and Beyond
Linlithgow, Thursday Evenings
We meet together to support and encourage each other through prayer and Bible study, equipping each other to serve God. We share laughter, tears and brilliant biscuits.


The Brae’s Folk
Polmont, Thursday Evenings
Come and join us as we care, love, learn, support and reach out to the local community.


Choose Tuesday
Linlithgow, Tuesday Evenings
We are a friendly group of St John’s folk who meet on Tuesdays in and around Linlithgow.  We are there for each other as a church family, supporting one another practically and spiritually.  Our evenings usually involve a wee bit of chat, a wee bit of challenge, a wee bit of sharing and a wee bit of praying.


Linlithgow, Tuesday Evenings
Come as you are, become who you are‘.   We are a group of people from all stages of life that meets usually in Linlithgow.


Bo’ness Group
Bo’ness, Wednesday Evenings
We are looking towards planting a church in Bo’ness early next year.   This group is being prepared to be at the core of a new missional initiative.  God is binding us and teaching us and we are growing and learning together.  Most of us live in Bo’ness and are already fairly well embedded in the culture and we recognise the need for a contextually relevant, mission focussed and spirit-led expression of church in the community. 


The Enquirers
Linlithgow, Thursday Evenings
Key Themes – enjoyment of life together, concern for one another and for our families, freedom to question and debate what may be seen as “the correct” view of Scripture.  Group Aims – to encourage and support one another in growing in faith, knowledge of God and our following Jesus through Bible study, prayer together and for one another, sharing meals.


The Refuge
Whitecross, Thursday Evenings
We are a relaxed, friendly and welcoming group that enjoys open, honest, discussion.  Our group is a safe space where we meet with each other and with God who is our refuge and strength at all times.  We sometimes like to wrestle with the difficult questions and value input from the whole group.  We aim to support each other practically and prayerfully as we learn how we can be disciples of Jesus in our modern world.  We also enjoy lots of laughs, great coffee and homebaking.


Home on Thursdays
Linlithgow Bridge, Thursday Evenings
Depending on work, travel or other family commitments, we meet in each others’ homes on Thursday evenings for bible study, prayer, coffee and chat (not necessarily in that order!)


Men ‘n’ Sheds
Roddy’s Shed, Every 2nd Friday 10:00am
Catch up over coffee and bacon rolls, prayer and woodwork.  Lots of banter. More ….