Mbabazi Clinic Open

Mbabazi Clinic Open

Charles Ndikumana from ‘Cup of Cool Water’ writes:

Dear Prayer partners and friends….Peace and Thanksgiving!

Opening Mbabazi Clinic Doors

In his Letter N◦. 630/284/CAB/2019 on 21st January 2019, the Burundi Minister of Health and the Fight against HIV/AIDS finally issued an authorisation. As the process was tiresome, took such long time and much means, Mbabazi Clinic opened its doors to patients on 23rd to avoid anything that could refrain us from running it immediately! However, to our understanding, an official inauguration will be organised when International Community ensures our Prayer Partners, friends and donors from the UK to visit Burundi.


The Team at CCW utter its sincere gratitude and thanks to Hazel Bech Mbabazi the Founder of OEW, her colleagues and Trustees Allan Mutama and Marjorie Goldie, Anne Coulter and Christina Duncan; to Rev. Keith and Beck Short, Alan and Dawn, Shona Lawson, Emma Clark and the congregation at St. John’s; Rev. Andy and May McIntyre, Billy Niven, Allison and Gavin, Charles Mathers’ family and the congregation at Partick South Parish; Rev. Glen and Janet Cormack and the Congregation at New Life Baptist Church; to Phill March, Anita France, Rev. Tony and Rowena Sargent; Hilary and Graham, Missionaries Hilaire and Angelique Nininahazwe the Founder of WFV eV.; Prof. Dr. Christine Schirrmacher at Giving Hands, Susan and Ruth Pearson at Open Hands; Thomas and Alissa Mecha, Asim Zouari, Esther N., IFA, Patricia Craib., Assina N., Jackson N., Des Willmott, Johnny, Michael M., Ken E., Josie S., Adam J., Karoline C., Darnel S. and Torunn B.. Wishing blessings and success upon you all for your prayers and every kind of unceasing support to the poorest in Burundi through our Ministry!

Available Services at Mbabazi Clinic

We started with Pharmacy, Laboratory, Outgoing patients and Administration to provide a minimum of care to patients. Once a solar power is provided to light wards, the delivery and hospital services will become operational.

Eight workers are already at work: Mr. Adolph (Nurse), Mr. Elie (Nurse), Mrs. Rose (Nurse), Miss. Sandrine (Lab), Mrs. Ange (social worker), Mr. Dieudonné (Watcher man), Mr. Josué (Administrator) and Mélance (Manager).

From 23rd January to 13rd February, 30 outgoing patients were treated at Mbabazi Clinic. The total income for the same period is BIF 75,050.00 equivalent to $27.79. Patients and income will increase once delivery and hospitalisation services are made available.

Two doctors, four more nurses, one more lab, one more domestic worker and two social workers are expected to join the Clinic staff on 1st March 2019.

Water Supply at Mbabazi Clinic area

The water sanitation project is implemented now! The population enjoyed fetching first drops of water on 17th last December. A public water point is provided within Mbabazi clinic plot at 40 m away from the clinic building. REGIDESO, a local enterprise in charge of water and power supply, requires us financial means for a water meter, pipes and payment to its manpower to get water into our clinic building.

First drop of water at the clinic on 17th Dec 2018

Prayer Requests

Please keep holding us up in prayer for the urgent and important needs:

  • Provision of solar power to light wards and delivery room during nights
  • Getting water into Mbabazi clinic building

Visit the Cup of Cool Water website for further details of this and other projects.