Our Values

Our Values

A Church Marked by Love

We will be a church that values, enjoys & cares for our world. We will recognise that every person is unique and precious in the sight of God the Father who longs to welcome them back into His family.

We will love God with every ounce of our being. We will help each other to draw near to God both personally & corporately by living lives filled with prayer & worship.

We will love & serve our neighbours with generous hearts. We will be a place of welcome & sanctuary, showing mercy to anyone in need, protecting the vulnerable & speaking out for justice.

A Church Shaped by Jesus

We will call people to join us at the cross of Jesus to receive forgiveness for sin, healing, & new life. We will put our trust in the God who is able to transform lives by the power of Jesus’ resurrection.

We will follow Jesus’ example and go and help the poor, the oppressed & the lost. As part of the worldwide church we will work with others to share the love of Christ, seeking to bring people & God together wherever he sends us.

We will call people to trust in Jesus, be baptised, and grow in obedience to God. We will learn as a church family to apply His Word the Bible to our lives & culture with the help and power of the Holy Spirit.

A Church Filled with Hope

We will accept & honour the Spirit’s authority in our church. We will be open & responsive to the Holy Spirit’s filling, leading & conviction of sin, living humbly & gently in anticipation of Christ’s return.

We will eagerly desire & use the Holy Spirit’s gifts to bless our brothers and sisters. We will be a church which encourages young & old, male & female to use their gifts to serve the Lord.

We will be a church which nurtures the fruits of the Holy Spirit. We shall readily forgive, encourage, & seek the best for each other. We will develop warm & loving relationships, setting aside time for fellowship, fun, & celebration.