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Pastor’s Blog

Keith Short writes . . . 

I have just received the news that there are now over 200 people who have made a decision to follow Jesus in Edinburgh as a result of The Turning! By the time you read this that number will certainly have risen. Folks from St John’s who have been a part of this tell me that there is a unique anointing on The Turning, with even those who have not accepted Christ being quite happy to have someone pray for them. I have just heard the news of a woman who gave her life to Jesus in Edinburgh yesterday, she then went home and led her daughter and husband to Jesus too! A family reconciled together to God.

One of the core values of The Turning is that everybody who makes a commitment is followed up personally for at least 8 weeks. The Bible society have produced special bibles and discipleship notes to help with this discipleship. I have just received a report today that already churches are struggling to find people who are willing or able to be involved in this follow up, due at least in part to the fact that they simply were not prepared for the numbers who have responded.

This is great news, but it is also a challenge to us as a church. I believe that God is clearly telling us that we should get ready for the harvest. That means that we will need people ready and willing to go out on the streets to share their faith, but still more who are also willing to get involved in follow up and one2one discipleship. Will that be you?

N.B. The Turning is not a one off event, it will be running for the next 3 years. Will we be ready to host it in our area next year? For more information please talk to David Todd or Audrey Couper or visit St John’s Facebook page.