Pastor’s Blog

Pastor’s Blog

I’ve been thinking about the things that get in the way of us understanding and experiencing the fullness of our relationship with God, that hinder us from stepping into the call God has for us, the things that hold us back from following Jesus and reaching the potential God has put in us to serve Him.

Jesus calls us to follow him, to be like him and to do the things he does, he has given his Spirit, the Spirit of God, to empower and enable us to be his disciples. The Spirit in us comforts and convicts, he encourages and enables, he envisions and inspires us to go deeper and further in our walk with God.

It’s one thing to have faith in Jesus, but it’s quite another to have faith in ourselves to step up and into the things God has for us. You believe in Jesus? Do you believe that Jesus believes in you?

When Peter stepped out of the boat as Jesus walked on the Sea of Galilee towards the disciples, he was following his rabbi, his teacher and mentor, but when Peter saw the waves and the felt the storm he began to sink. “You of little faith”, Jesus said as he pulled Peter “why did you doubt?”.

I used to think that Peter doubted Jesus, that it was his faith in Jesus that was lacking, but if you think about it, that doesn’t make sense, he stepped out of the boat! He walked towards Jesus! No, I think Peter doubted himself, doubted his ability to do what his master was doing.

Do you doubt your ability to follow Jesus? Does your self doubt get in the way of doing the things that God calls you to? Jesus, through his Spirit has empowered you to follow him, Jesus believes in you!

David Todd