Hazel Briton

Hazel Briton

I came to live in Linlithgow almost 17 years ago with my husband Douglas and daughter Jenny. Being part of St John’s Church has been important for us as a family. It is a priviledge for me to have been involved in a number of activities of the church including God’s Gang, ‘Arts’ and leading a Connect Group.

Since I retired my ‘mission field’ has moved from my speech and language therapy work to life in Linlithgow where I have made new friends among neighbours and people from St John’s Church.

I love having more time to practise playing the clarsach, and have recently begun to teach myself to play the flute – can toot quite well now, but not able to play any tune yet!

Hazel has an active involvement in children’ work, senior citizens, creative arts, small groups and pastoral care.

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