Possil Park Mission Update – February 2018

Possil Park Mission Update – February 2018

Davina Lawson writes:

Walking Humbly With God

Hello friends,

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  I had a lovely time with my family over Christmas and enjoyed spending New Year with Sam’s family.  My break was so restful and I came back feeling refreshed and restored for all that lies ahead in this New Year.


I mentioned in my last update that after Christmas I would be reviewing my involvement in all the activities and so I have decided to focus most of my energy on our youth work.  I have really loved getting to know the kids that go to Youth Cafe so I wanted to have more time to invest in those relationships. I’m trying to think of some more things we can be doing with the youth we are connecting with, so I’m staring an after school drop in on a Tuesday, just so I can see the kids more regularly and deepen my relationships with them.  Please pray for creativity and inspiration as I think of more ways to connect with these young people. 

The Christmas event that the youth organised was so much fun!  It was the first time they had done anything like it before and they did such a great job!  They told us they really enjoyed it, so hopefully we can do something similar again in the future.  This term in Youth Cafe we are continuing the theme of leadership by looking at inspiring young Scots and young leaders in the Bible.  We want to show them that no matter what their circumstance in life, who they are or where they come from, God can use all situations for His good and that they have potential and gifts that God will use.  Please pray for them that they would begin to believe these truths. 

I have also really loved being part of the SU lunch group in the high school. I have been getting to know a group of girls from Possil which has been great!   They are a really sweet bunch. I would really love to see them in Possil, so please pray for my relationships with them and that they might come to the drop in and Youth Cafe.

As well as hanging out with youth and doing crafts I have been getting to know a Chinese woman whose daughter comes along to Groverz (our kids’ club).  People from the team in the past have walked alongside her but now I have had the joy of getting to know her.  She recently started volunteering in a cafe in the city centre which is a social enterprise that partners with Bethany Christian Trust to create training opportunities for people who want to develop skills as a way into work.  She really loves volunteering there and hopefully in time she will have the experience and the language skills to move into employment.  She has a real desire to work so is finding it difficult not being able to work right away.  Pray for patience as she grows in her skills and for me as I get to know her more that I would be able to share Christ’s love with her and her daughter.


I have loved getting to know my team, we’re not just a team that works together, we really are a community that shares life together.  Ben and Faith’s wee boy Theo (nearly 2) is so cute!  He calls me DeeDee and whenever he goes past my flat he points up and says “DeeDee, DeeDee”.  It’s so special getting to know the team and almost being part of their families.  I’m so grateful to be doing this work alongside such a wonderful group of people.  But the team isn’t complete yet, the Longs will hopefully be arriving March/April time.  They are in the middle of visa applications.  We can’t wait for them to join us!!!!

Contemplative Quarter

InnerCHANGE bases itself around Micah 6:8 which says “He has shown you oh man what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God?”  From this verse InnerCHANGE gets the 3 currents: missionary, contemplative and prophetic.  We have just entered into the contemplative quarter ‘walking humbly with God‘.  The contemplative current of InnerCHANGE reminds us that we cannot do any of this work on our own and that we need our work to flow from a place of rest and intimacy with Jesus.  In our learning community this quarter we will been doing some Ignatian exercises of reading the Bible with our imagination.  It’s already been great and I’ve been finding it a really helpful way to engage with the word.

In the business of life and in all the activities and relationships we are building, we need to remember to carve out time with God, to be nourished by Him.  This has been something I have really been challenged on recently.  I find it so easy to get caught up in the activity that I sometimes forget to stop and rest in God’s presence.  Please pray that both individually and as a team we would set aside time in our week to be refreshed by God and that our action would be grounded in His love for us so that we can share that love with those around us.  Pray that this grounding in Him would make us all more attune to His voice in our everyday.

As an apprentice during this contemplative quarter I have to go on a two-night solo retreat.  I am going on the 9th-11th of February.  I’m really excited for my first real retreat.  Please pray that I would have an open and expectant heart and that I would hear God speak really clearly.

Prayer Requests

  • for my relationships with the young people to deepen and that I would have opportunities to see the girls from lunch club in Possil
  • for the Longs as they prepare to move, for all the practicalities and visa applications to go smoothly.  Pray that they would be able to say goodbye to their friends and family well and that they would feel a real peace about the upcoming move
  • for my retreat that I would be refreshed and hear from God

Rejoice With Me

  • the Christmas event went really well 
  • I had a really restful break over Christmas 
  • I’m so grateful for my team and that we have been building good relationships with one another

Thank you once again for all your prayers and support, I really am so grateful for you all!  May God bless you in this New Year.

Much Love, 


A wee picture from the Christmas event. They were in the middle of playing a game that involved using wrapping paper to wrap up someone from your team.  (The team at the back on the right hand side won).

‘B’ was doing crafts at the Grove  before Christmas and has just received funding to continue this with us.  We are so grateful for this because people engaged really well with it and enjoyed coming along.  It’s also been good getting to know ‘B’ and helping her out with this craft club.

Our team Christmas dinner.  Meet Cath – the lady with the long, curly, ginger hair.  She is married to Reuben.  She wasn’t in the last team picture because she is an A&E doctor so doesn’t make it to all our team meetings.

Some of the team and folks from the community on Christmas Day at the Grove.