Possil Park Update – June 2018

Possil Park Update – June 2018

Davina Lawson writes:

Hello friends!

It’s that time again for me to update you on my life here in Possil. I love getting to write these updates because it makes me stop and reflect on the last two months and see what God has been doing in my life and in the lives of those around me. So here’s what’s been happening.


In my last update I was preparing to go on SU camp with 6 young people. Camp was exhausting but so worthwhile. After spending an intense week with those kids I now know them so much more and it has opened up conversations that wouldn’t otherwise have come about. As well as deepening my relationships with the kids, they also engaged well with the content. Every evening we would split into groups and discuss various ‘big questions’ about God. The kids engaged well and were asking some really good questions.

Please pray that they would continue to be curious and have open hearts to hear the Gospel. 

After camp I really wanted to make sure that I continued investing deeply into these kids lives but wasn’t sure how God wanted us to do that. At first I thought it might look like a Bible study, but after spending more time in prayer I felt that for right now we needed to continue investing just in the relationships. We didn’t have to rush ahead with a Bible study, conversations about Jesus would naturally come up in relationship. So now on a Tuesday rather than just doing an after school drop-in, we are meeting from 4-6pm and during this time we cook and eat dinner together. This has been going so well! The kids are getting really excited about what food to make and then sitting around a table and eating together has been so special. 

In the summer months, youth cafe and drop-in won’t be on, however the other leaders and I are in the process of planning various trips to go on with the youth so please pray for us as we plan the trips in summer. 

These kids bring so much joy into my week and I am so grateful that I get to love them and share Jesus with them.

The youth made Fajitas this week!

The Longs Arrived!

After months of support raising, packing and applying for visas, the Long family finally joined our team in Glasgow. On the 24th of April our team went to the airport to welcome Ryan, Erin and their three kids, Audrey(7), Alistair(5) and Edmund(3). It’s been such a joy having them here! Just before they arrived they managed to secure a flat to rent that met all of their needs. They ideally wanted a 3 bedroom flat, a big enough dining area to host the team and neighbours as well as a garden for their kids to play in, and God provided all this. Time and time again I am blown away by God’s abundant provision. Their flat has 3 bedrooms, a big kitchen and dining room and a front and back garden! Abba Father provides for His children.

The Longs arrival at the airport! (Erin is standing behind me, the kids next to her are Alistair and Audrey, and Ryan is standing behind Audrey holding Edmund).


Although the Longs had secured a flat, it wasn’t ready for them to move into straight away. While they waited they went for a wee holiday in the countryside for some of the time and then stayed in an air B&B near Possil for about a week. By the end of that week the flat still wasn’t ready to move into. For various reasons the flat wasn’t being cleaned so there was no sure move in date and paying for an air B&B for an indefinite time period wasn’t going to work. So I spoke to my teammates Reuben and Cath, and asked if I could move in with them and give my flat the Longs. Everyone was in agreement and so I moved into Reuben and Cath’s spare room. What we thought would be a few days or a week has turned into one month.

One of our commitments in InnerCHANGE is community, and this last month God has taught me a lot about what it means to live in community with my teammates. It’s meant leaning into the inconveniences of moving out for an indefinite period of time and finding the joy in it, having open and generous hearts and really experiencing the joy of giving. We’ve all had to sacrifice along the way, but that’s what this community living thing involves. Sacrifices, generous giving and receiving, loving and supporting one another. It’s been great to see how the whole team has really come together to support  our new teammates. 

On Monday the Longs received their keys and so this week has involved lots of painting and putting  furniture together! They moved into their new home yesterday and now I’m back in my flat. Whilst I’m glad to be sleeping in my bed again, it’s been such a sweet month of seeing our commitments to community lived out and I’m so grateful for all that God has taught throughout this time.

Painting the Longs’ living room.


We have been having such beautiful weather recently so that means we’ve had lots of BBQs. Last Saturday we had a big pizza party to celebrate Cath’s birthday. These have been such sweet times of building community with our friends in Possil.


In July I will be going to Switzerland for just over two weeks to visit my extended family with my parents and Sam. During my time away, I will be spending some time reflecting on the last year and discerning whether or not to continue with InnerCHANGE for another two years doing the novitiate. Please pray for me as I begin to discern the possibility of staying with InnerCHANGE in Possil, that I would hear God’s voice clearly and be obedient to His leading.

Prayer Requests

  • for the youth that we would have really great times over summer
  • for the Longs as they settle into their new home and particularly for their two older kids who are in primary school that they would settle in well and make friends quickly
  • for Sam, he is staying in St Andrews another year working for a landscaping company that is run by a guy from his church. Please pray for us as we continue another year of distance and give thanks for the opportunity he has to work for this company
  • for me as I discern next year that I would hear clearly from God 
  • for restful time away in Switzerland with my family and Sam

Give Thanks:

  • for the Longs finally arriving
  • for SU camp going well and the kids having a really great time
  • for the team and the joy of community life

Thank you for your ongoing encouragement and support, I’m so grateful to you all!  Much Love – Davina.

Keep in touch with Davina

Davina would love to hear about anything that’s going on in your life and about how she can be praying for you. If you have any questions or want to find out more information please just get in touch with her.  Contact our office for her email or address details.