Possil Park Update – November 2018

Possil Park Update – November 2018

Davina Lawson writes:

Give Thanks

My visit to the youth group at the Church of Scotland a few weeks ago went well. The youth are a bit older than our kids so it was nice getting to know some older youth. Please pray for Ryan and myself as we discern how to best involve ourselves with this group/how often to attend and if there are other ways we can be a support to each other. 

I moved into my new flat two weeks ago! I’m grateful for my team and family who came and helped me with my move! I feel really settled here already. The few neighbours I’ve met are really lovely, please continue to pray for me as I meet the rest of the families in this block and that I would be able to develop good relationships with my neighbours.


Last week at our Bible study the youth were sharing that at school teachers tell them that their work isn’t good enough and then they often believe that they aren’t good enough. It got us thinking about the lies that the world feeds us about ourselves and how often we believe these lies over the truth that God says about us. I felt God invite us to spend our next time naming these lies and looking at various passages that tell us about who God says we are, so we will be doing this tomorrow 4-6pm. Please pray for protection over this time. It’s so powerful when we know our true identity so please pray that nothing would come in the way of these kids hearing about who God says they are. Pray that all the kids come (A, I, E, M, C). Pray that God would speak really powerfully to the kids in this time and that they would begin to believe the truth about who they are.


Reuben and Cath are expecting their first child at the start of December! Please pray for them in these next few weeks, for protection over Cath’s and baby’s health. Pray protection over their mental health that their minds would be filled with deep peace and excitement for this next season and for lots of rest before baby arrives.


On Thursday I fly out to the Netherlands to visit my sister to celebrate her graduation! I will be there until Monday. I’m really looking forward to spending time with her and the rest of my family and for a much needed rest and time away. Pray that it would be a really fun and restful time together.

Thank you so much for taking the time to pray for me! If you have any words/ pictures/ encouragements as you were praying please let me know.  God bless you in the week ahead!

Much Love …. Davina