Possil Park Update – October 2018

Possil Park Update – October 2018

Davina Lawson writes…

Hello friends,

These last couple months have been a lovely time of getting to reconnect with friends from the community and the church, and getting to start back work with the youth. I’m excited to share with you some of the cool things that have been happening!


God is good.

All of last year I was going to one of the high schools that kids from Possil go to, and doing a lunch club there. I met a couple girls who live in Possil and I kept inviting them to come to our youth cafe in Possil but they always had something on so it never worked out. I kept praying. Then the first week back after the school holidays, these girls started coming to our club in Possil! It was SO exciting! It just reminded me of how we need to be faithful in our prayers.  Sometimes God answers things right away, and other times it can take years. We don’t always understand the timing, but it’s always perfect.  God is so good. 

We continue to meet on a Tuesday and Thursday but have made some changes to what we do. On a Tuesday 4-6pm we do a Bible Study which has been going really well. It’s so exciting to see these kids open the Bible up (mostly for the first time) and discovering for themselves who Jesus is. We started a prayer jar, so each week they write down something they want us to pray about and that has been so cool to see their willingness to open up and bring things to God in prayer.

On Thursdays 4-6pm, we cook together and share a meal. This is such a fun and beautiful time of relationship building with the kids.


One of the new girls, came into club last week and said, “I went home last week and told my Dad about the Bible story and he found it interesting!” Isn’t that so cool?! She’s already sharing the Gospel!


Doing some one-on-one, mentoring work with our youth has been on my heart for a while and on Monday I had my first session with one of our girls who has been coming to club for many years. It was so exciting. I was worried she might be nervous and not very open to sharing, but  she was so open and honest about things that are going on in her life. It was such a privilege to know that she trusts me enough to open up in this way and have the joy of listening to her and support her more. It  also just reminded me the value of relationship building and that it takes time. It’s taken a year to just get to know her so that she is now in a place where she feels she can trust me.

This girl is an incredible artist and just loves to paint and draw. She often uses her art as a way of expressing her thoughts and feelings, so it was really special giving her the opportunity to share about what the meanings were behind some of her art. We also got to speak a bit about how God might speak to her through her art, so please pray that she would be able to use her art as a way of speaking to God and hear from Him.

Taco night at the Youth Café


Over the summer I felt an invitation from God to enter a season of deeper prayer. Little did I know that God was putting this on the heart of our whole team. I mentioned in my last update that our team will be going through some changes in the new year as we seek God’s heart for what our teams vision and ministry focus will be going forward. I felt an invitation to spend this season really seeking God for our direction.

One of our commitments in InnerCHANGE is prayer and one of the points is that it’s a surrendering of the will “letting God set me aside to pray for an hour, a day, or a season, despite the world’s notions of ‘effective activity'”. This was the invitation I felt from God. To mark out regular rhythms in my week of prayer for our team, friends in the community, and listening for direction for our teams vision and focus. I also felt this invitation more personally. I felt God asking me “am I your priority?” I wondered what I made my priority in the day; getting my admin done, preparing for youth group, even meeting up with people, these are all good things, but they had become my priority over just spending time with Jesus. I felt God inviting me to just spend time enjoying Him for no other reason than to enjoy Him.

Please pray for protection as a team and individually as we all seek to enter into a season of deeper prayer, that we wouldn’t let distractions or business come in the way of our times with Jesus and that we would all hear so clearly from God about our direction and focus.


Sam and I on his last visit. Now that he has a car we can go and explore more of Scotland together. We had such a fun and restful time together!

One of my dear friends and I on my day off, we went exploring and had such a sweet time!

New Home

I’m moving….to a one bedroom flat just a few streets down from where I live.  This new flat  came up at the perfect time and I just keep being blown away with Gods provision for me. This summer, during my discernment, I was asking God to bring new relationships into my life in Possil, in particular with new teenagers and girls my age. When I went to view the flat, the person showing me round explained that there are families with teenagers, and young single women that live in the same block. I just had to laugh. Isn’t it funny how we ask God for things, and then when He says “ok, you asked, here you go” we are still surprised? God’s been teaching me a lot about living with expectancy and this new flat for me has been such a beautiful reminder of God’s abundant provision for my needs and to live with more expectation of what God can do when we ask.

I won’t be moving until the end of this month, so please just pray for all the practicalities of the move and for my new neighbours, that I would build good relationships with those in my new block of flats. That I would be a light in that building and that my home would be a place of hospitality and welcome.

I’m going start sending out more regular short prayer updates, every couple of weeks. If you’d like to receive these, let me know or sign yourself up here:

Davina’s regular prayer updates

Prayer Requests

  • pray for my time with A in mentoring, that she would continue to trust me and be open. For wisdom and discernment for me that I would know what questions to ask and how to best support her and that I would be really atune to God’s voice during our meetings. (Monday 4-5pm).
  • give thanks for my new flat! Pray for all the praticalities of the move, for peace and no anxiety, and for good relationships with my future neighbours
  • give thanks for the 2 new girls coming to youth cafe, pray that they would continue coming and come to know Jesus
  • pray for protection of our team as we draw closer to God in prayer

Thank you once again for all your prayers, encouragement and support. I am forever grateful.

Much Love ….