People share their testimonies and tell us what they think of St John’s Church.

Ignite will be a lifetime experience for me

The environment was good, the arrangement and presentation of the tables (round, tablecloths, candles, sweets) was very inviting and relaxing and promoted interaction within the groups. The hospitality helped with a sense of inclusion. The cost of the course was a bargain for the opportunities that it created. It was a safe environment to push the boundaries on comfort zones. It certainly opened up doors to explore and develop in both theological (theoretical) and practical ways. The course will be a life-time experience for me now. I appreciated the support and encouragement that was given by the course leaders, presenters and other participants.

Malcolm MacGregor

A fun, chill place

Union Youth Club is a fun, chill place to socialise and be with friends.

Ciaran (age 17)

Friendliest people I have ever met

St John’s holds a special place in my heart, as through the Church and the congregation I have come to know God and have been welcomed by his people. Some of the friendliest people I have ever met, who all support and help one another.

Sam (age 17)

St John’s is a family

St John’s is family, a community that I love being a part of, both church and my Connect Group – it’s where I can worship, learn and grow as a child of God. I feel I belong and am accepted.

Joyce Whyte

Broadened my experience

In the past 10 years I have had several opportunities to travel on mission with St. John’s, travelling to Rwanda , Burundi and Romania. On each visit God has blessed me abundantly in my contacts with so many people in those countries and that has broadened my experience and service in mission in a direction that has been led by God.

Allan Goldie

Safe place

I like coming here because they don’t try and tell you what’s right or wrong, they help you grow. Even when you’re going through stuff it’s a safe place.

Lucy (age 17)