Transformation Centre

Transformation Centre

Summary of Prayer Day for the Transformation Centre.

The day was one of encouraging, confirming and expanding Scriptures, all of which have been noted for future reference. If you’ve been reading Prayer Central Daily* this week you’ll have followed the prayer path we trod throughout that day.

As a result, we felt a release to continue along the current path – following up on the many ‘coincidental’ events over the past 3 months that have highlighted 3 areas of need in particular, coming out of the vision meeting in August:

        – the need for affordable housing;  

        – tackling debt and some of its roots;

        – mental health.

These three areas are often intertwined. There are some actions we could take relatively quickly. Others will be much longer to develop.

Moving On: Coming out of the day of prayer, we agreed the next step was to talk again with Councillor Tom Conn, and to our surprise were able to meet with him on Thursday (8th). We had a productive time discussing the 3 areas mentioned above.

Please pray as we look more closely at various concrete possibilities relating to housing, debt and mental health.

Pray too for our local councillors. Councillors have an increasingly difficult task, with a desire to make life better for their area but finding the needs are increasing, while funding is decreasing, causing considerable personal stress as they seek to make good decisions. May they be granted wisdom from above. ‘Work to see that the city, where I sent you as exiles, enjoys peace and prosperity. Pray to the Lord for it. For as it prospers, you will prosper.’ (Jer 29:7)

*Daily Prayers are sent out Monday to Friday. It will keep you abreast of current events for prayer, and we are seeing God moving as we ask him to be involved, and we get involved in what He’s doing too. Email or join closed Facebook group ‘Prayer Central Linlithgow’.