Vision Update – September 2017

Vision Update – September 2017


We held a family gardening and painting day at Bathgate West nursery in August.  A number of families from the homegroup and folk from Bathgate got together to help tidy up the nursery.

The group meets in homes every second Sunday as whole families to share a meal together, share life, pray and explore what God is saying to us in and through our families.  We have a mix of Christians and non-Christians and try to explore how to be church as whole families.

The Outsiders Youth Club is also hosted in Bathgate.  They recently had a trip to Soul Survivor Scotland along with another group from Whitburn. The weekly Monday night club meets in Bathgate Partnership Centre and has been running for almost 6 years. It is a space to welcome young people to, do lots of activities and trips together and share who Jesus is and the difference he makes.  It is run by a team of youth leaders in Bathgate.

Bo’ness Outreach

The housegroup has been praying and seeking God on the next steps towards planting a Church. We recognise that Sunday evenings are very open and that there is an opportunity to start a worship service together then. We are considering running Alpha in a cafe on Sunday evenings which might grow into a worship gathering in the coming months.

Mike has had a fantastic response to starting a Filling Station, all the other Church leaders were positive and we see that as a natural continuation of our ministry opportunities in the town. We feel God’s favour in this very strongly and are keen to see things moving into place.

Please continue to pray for open doors, opportunities and favour.


The community BBQ was a great success despite the hurricane!  The feedback from those who attended (over 40) was overwhelmingly positive with support for further events and an interest in what we are seeking to do in Polmont.  We were joined by several members of Polmont Old Church who enjoyed fellowshipping with us.

Subsequent to this we met again with the Minister at Polmont Old and one of the elders to clarify our intentions and seek a way forward.  We agreed that we would be moving forward together as separate entities but working closely together for God’s glory, and we will be having a joint event with them on November 12th in the Old Church Hall which will focus on praying for and into the community we serve.  We are also exploring a Christmas concert, community action teams and collaboration around youth events.

We do give thanks for the way that God is opening doors for this venture and we look forward to seeing new opportunities across the area as we consolidate the work here.