What To Expect

What To Expect

What to Expect at Our Sunday Services

A Vibrant Church

St John’s is a vibrant and dynamic church. People of all ages attend, but we’re especially proud of all our young people who are part of our extended family (there are over 100 of them!). Creche and club facilities are provided and our staff are fully accredited to look after and work with the youngsters. Our style of worship is contemporary with a live band playing a mix of modern and traditional songs. We don’t have a dress-code, so you can wear whatever’s comfortable.  Either way, you can expect a warm welcome from us. 


As you come into the Academy, you will be welcomed by a member of our hospitality team, who will show you round the facilities.  If you have youngsters with you, they can either stay for the whole service or join one of the various groups or clubs that we run. We’re blessed that we have so many young people taking an active part in St John’s and we are relaxed during services if any of the youngsters start ‘playing up’ – it’s all part of life and usually raises a smile! We may ask you to complete a ‘welcome card’ which is only used to record your visit but gives you the opportunity to get more information from us (or even get invited to a welcome lunch!).  We will never share any details, nor do we send you any information unless you specifically request it.

Refreshments & Information Point

Services normally start at 11am but many people arrive earlier (around 10:30am) and congregate in the refreshments area where we serve tea, coffee or juice (and it’s real percolated coffee – just what’s needed at that time on a Sunday morning!).  It’s a great opportunity to meet new friends or just catch up with one another. It’s a really friendly environment. We also have a manned information point in the coffee area (with various leaflets), so you can learn more about St John’s and its various activities.

The Service

We start the service with a band playing instruments and singing songs.  The lyrics are projected at the front so everyone can join in.  One of our church members leads the service and one of the teaching team or Pastors delivers the main sermon. There is a collection at the start, but please don’t feel obliged to donate.  Most of our members already give what they can afford on a weekly or monthly basis. Halfway through, the young people will leave the main hall and go to their respective clubs. Every couple of weeks we have communion, where we share bread and grape juice.  There is no obligation to join in with this, just do what’s most comfortable for you. Towards the end there is usually an open invitation for prayer where people can discretely pray together or be prayed for.

After The Service

We also have tea and coffee after the service, so many people stay on for a little while to have a catch up with their friends (or simply polish off the remaining biscuits!).  We usually finish up around 1pm. We do hope you’ll come along and find out a bit more about St John’s.

If you do come along to one of our services for the first time, you will be welcomed by us all, but you will never feel uncomfortable at any stage.

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